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NEW HOLLAND DC180B bulldozer

Manufacturer: ERTL

Scale: 1:50

ERTL's NEW HOLLAND DC180B dozer size is shown by the passing worker

The interior actually looks more detailed than most ERTL models

The front blade (although not tiltable) raises amazingly high like the

 real model I'm glad ERTL didn't get cheezy and only let it raise a few cm...

Besides having rubber tracks (which actually arn't that bad on this model

 because they are soft and move easily unlike some models where the rubber

tracks are extremely tight)the only other flaw is the unpainted rivits

The rear features upper flood lights and even a tow pin hitch.

I recommend this model for any collection, espiecially since it

only costs $10-$15!

Leaving the dealership ready for action

...and shown here in action helping the CAT 980G loader



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