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JOHN DEERE 450D LC excavator

Manufacturer: ERTL (high detail)

Scale: 1:50

Here is the incredible JOHN DEERE 450D LC high detailed excavator from

ERTL. You can get a feel for this machines size as the operator climbs up

Nicely pianted detailed plastic cab insert

Metal Tracks! Oh yeah!

Front view

Side view, shows the ladder detail and the nice new crisp DEERE paint scheme

Rear view, shows the masive counter weight, you can also see the side

mirriors popping out the sides from the front

Right side view

Hydraulic lines run from the hydraulic pump to the hydraulic cylinders

The engine compartment opens up revealing the detailed engine

Access ladder along with cab railing details, even the DEERE decals and logos

are on the cab windows

Close-up shot of the large toothed reinforced digging bucket

Pic with the boom fully raised

Pic with the boom fully lowered

Size comparison shot to show the difference between the 450D LC

and the 200C LC

Side comparison

...and rear comparison

The Deere 450 next to its bro the Hitachi 450

This is an incredible model from ERTL it is a MUST have to any collector! What

you get for your money is unbelievable, crisp paint, hydraulic lines, cab detail,

and metal tracks for under $30 thats insane! The only flaws with this model are

very minor and can be easily fixed, one would be the large rivits and the other

the excavators digging depth capability... I highly recommened this model

along with its twin the Hitachi 450 model to anyone and everyone you

won't be disappointed!

Here's a shot of the DEERE 450D LC in action digging a trench for

 some new pipe work

And here's another shot of the DEERE 450D LC excavator in action filling

up an articulated dump truck


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