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FAUN ATF 100-5 truck crane

Manufacturer: CONRAD

Scale: 1:50

This is the ATF 100-5 by conrad you can get an idea of its

size as that man walks past it

The drivers cab contains two seats and a steering wheel

The operators cab as you can see contains an operators seat

and side controls

Photo of the front of the crane as well as the sheeves on the

boom. Small details such as the yellow beacons over the

cab and the hook lock hole really enrich this model

The rear view

View of the opposite side in travel mode

All five axles are steerable, the front three move together

 (like shown here)...

...and the two rear move togther (all turned shown here). the best

part is each wheel turns a little less than the previous wheel to turn

accurately just like the real thing!

Each axle also has its own independent suspension

the model features 4 two-stage pull out,screw down outriggers

The operators cab can be tilted for better visability and comfort

Heres a pic of the rear counter weight

Crane can be turned around and the second counter weight can be

 attached or detached

Here's a picture to show how the second counter weight can be detached

Two screw pins pull up the second counter weight and hold it in place

Close up of the cable line and pully wheel

Pic of the 5 stage boom fully extended

Fully extended the 5 stage boom reaches almost 40" tall!

Pic of the 5 stage boom fully extended with the swing over

boom extention in place

Fully extended and with teh boom extention in place this model is

over 4 feet tall! 4 feet 4 inches to exact!

Here's a close up of the boom extention added on

The two piece extention boom slides into one (like shown here) and

can be slid out and held in using the pins shown here, another

two pins hold the extention to the crane boom

This is a great detailed model and should be an addition to any crane

 collection. Here's a pic of the crane busy at work lifting that heavy

storm water filter module into the trench beside the flatbed




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