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TRAIL KING flip axle lowloader

Manufacturer: Alan Smith

Scale: 1:48

This is the Alan Smith Trail King 3 axle w/ fourth flip-axle lowloader

trailer kit in 1/48 scale

The model is cast in white metal by Alan Smith and arrives as shown above

Here is the finished product after I painted and assembled the whole thing,

you can get an idea of its size by that man being next to it

Side view

Front view

Rear view

The trailer is a 3 axle lowboy w/ a fourth flip axle

The trailer can be used as is for most loads...

...or can have the fourth axle flipped down for heavier loads

Overhead shot with fourth axle engaged

Now the 3 axle lowbed trailer has become a four axle lowbed trailer...

To secure fourth axle down a set of pins is inserted from underneath

The gooseneck is fully functional and can be detached

Shot of the deck and ramps with gooseneck detached

Here's a comparison shot for you of a standard 3 axle lowboy next to the

3 axle lowboy with fourth flip axle

The Trail King can be hooked to most 1/50 scale tractors 

Here's a photo of the trailer hooked to a Kenworth T800

Attached to the kenworth w/ fourth axle brought down

Loads like this large CAT grader are no problem for this lowbed

Kenworth W900 hauling a CAT 623G scraper on the Trail King

Another T800 using the flip axle lowbed trailer this time to move a

Caterpiller 725 ADT

Pete 379 moving Cat 325C L

Pete 379 hauling two brand new Mack

Granite tractors

Here's a Mack using the Trail King 3 axle lowbed with fourth flip axle

 to move a Cat 14M grader to a highway building project

Pic of the trailer out on the highway hauling a big CAT


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