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FORD 555B backhoe loader

Manufacturer: ERTL

Scale: 1:64

ERTL's 1/50 scale models are much better than there 1/64 scale models... this

 backhoes proof... Heres a shot of the backhoe and its extremely large rivits

 and loosely fitted wheels (the front wheels do however steer)

No details in the cab, besides a plastic seat

View of the front grille as well as its smooth faced bucket

Like the front the back is put together with large ugly rivits, which your eyes

 focus on and really take away from the model... The stabilizers are like any other

 ERTL model without real hydraulics and just flop down. The rear boom is tipped with

 a smooth faced bucket (which is very limited to movement)

Fits easily into almost any trailer

Working on digging a trench for a new tree for the city's landscape renewl project




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