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"FROMONT" RENAULT tractor w/ lowboy
Manufacturer: CMM
Scale: 1:50
This is the CMM RENAULT lowboy in "S.A. FROMONT" livery,
you can see the trucks size as the driver stands beside the door
The cab doesn't include any enormous details but does have
minor ones such as a steering wheel
Front wheels can turn
One of the cool details of this truck is the colored air and
electrical trailer lines
Here's a frontal view to show off the FROMONT markings
as well as the realistic looking headlights
Left and rear view of truck and lowboy
The right side
Hydraulic detachable gooseneck
Here's a close-up of the 4 hydraulic cylinders that raise
and lower the lowboy trailer
The tractor is even fitted with the appropriate RENAULT mud flaps
The model is basically a upgraded JOAL lowboy with a different
tractor... As you can see a rack has been added above the
gooseneck and the tail lights painted but thats about
it... The model even arrives in a JOAL box
The S.A. FROMONT fleet
Here's a shot of the FROMONTS at work delivering the
large heavy AC500-1 SSL counter weights

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