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Peterbilt "GROVE" 3 axle lowboy w/ 2 axle dolly

Manufacturer: SIKU

Scale: 1:55

This is the SIKU Peterbilt lowboy with "GROVE" logos, you can

get an approx. size scale by looking at it and that man next to it

The inside has a drivers and passengers seat as well as

dash and steering wheel

Front hood tilts exposing engine

Here's a right side view of the tractor

Rear view of tractor

Fifth wheel features a locking lever, when pulled back (like

shown here) hitch is open and in the unlock postion

...When lever is pulled forward the fifth wheel is locked (like shown here)

Three axled lowboy along with a two axle dolly

Here's a close up of the dolly itself

Back-end of the lowboy (lowboy doesn't actaully detach and lower)

This is a pretty cool model thats becoming harder and harder to find,

it is a SIKU model so the detail isn't great but its not a bad shelf

model for displaying a GROVE crane on...

Here's a shot of the GROVE Peterbilt hauling a GROVE RT870C crane



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