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WABCO HAULPAK haul truck

Manufacturer: CONRAD

Scale: 1:50

Here is the massive WABCO haul truck from Conrad, you can

see just how big it is as it towers over that guy

Not much to the cab there is a drivers seat and a steering wheel

the big front wheels are steerable

Here's a shot of the left side

Pic of the right side

The dump bed is fully functional and can tilt to a steep angle

Big diesel engine under the front between the wheels

photo of the rear

Here's a pic to show the rear shock absorbtion cyclinders

(shown here with no load bearing down)

Second shot here with a load in the bed that pushes shocks down

Front view of the beast

The front also features a working suspension system

(shown here with shock extended)

Pic of the suspension pushed up

Nice photo of the WABCO in action being filled by that O&K f.s.




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