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PROJECT #1 Building the hillside roadway

Architect: KR enterprises inc.

Est.Cost: 23 mil

ETA: 288 days

Contractor: KCC company

Sub-Contractors: Malcolm Drilling, SUKUT earthmoving, JC concrete, All American Asphalt

Photo of the earth leveling process. The soil being extremely dense hydraulic

 excavator mounted breakers had to be brought in to loosen the rock. The rough

soil made it hard for graders to keep up on clearing the roadway for the

dump trucks so that created some drawback

The LIEBHERR 984 was used 10 hours a day loading articulated dump trucks to

 bring the hillside down to the level needed for smooth daily driving

The loaded articulated dump trucks were taken to low spots in the

planned roadway to bring them up to a more levelized point (984 shown

here loading the trucks in 3 scoops or less)

Before the 984 on a higher section of the hillside a CAT 5080 front

shovel was used do bring the hillside down to a smaller size, 2 CAT

ripper dozers above loosen rough dirt and push down for 5080 to scoop up 

Heres a better pic to show off the dozers used above supplying the

5080. If you notice it is a 3 staged process used in bringing down the

hillside to the desired level. First the dozers are used above creating

the first level, then the 5080 is used to create a secong level (which the

984 sits on as well), and then the 984 creates the third final level. Not

to mention the CAT 245 hydraulic breaker used whenever necessary on all levels 

This was a picture taken to show how the graders ( 2 caterpillar 140H's )

couldn't keep up with the roughness of the dirt on the dump truck trail

Here is one of the lower spots in the planned roadway that needed to have
dirt added so the loaded articulated trucks dumped there loads in these
specified areas

Beacause of the dirts roughness after all the earthmoving was complete a
8 inch layer of sand sediment was brought in and leveled out as a base
for the roadway

Since landslides are a reality retaining walls had to applied to some areas
of the roadside.

Malcolm drilling company was brought in to drill between 15 feet and 30
foot deep piling holes (depending on the area and wall size needed)

Temporary supports were added to support concrete moldings

Wood sheets were craned into place to create a concrete molding
behind the temporary supports

Pic of the concrete pumper in place waiting for the concrete trucks
arrive. (This particular wall segment was approx. 7 trucks, varies on
segments throughout roadway)

After the concrete was dry (waited 5-7 days for correct hardyness on
 wall size) the temporary supports were removed along with the moldings

A mixed gravel aggregate was applied as backfill to alliminate erosion
and create correct soil drainage

Finally All American Asphalt was called in and the asphalt was layed into
place and the street lines were painted ready for trafic. Completed and opened
 in 302 days (approx. 2 weeks behind scheduled)

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