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Manufacturer: Die Cast Promotions

Scale: 1:50

This here is the KOMATSU HM400 articulated dump truck, you can

see here with that man next to it that it's a pretty good sized truck

The drivers cab has all the essentials and even the second

smaller passenger seat

The front hood opens up to expose the big diesel engine

Here's a front view of the adt, you can see its pretty detailed

with realistic headlights and besides the two large side

mirriors it even has the small circle mirrior on the front

Side view

Where the truck articulates the cable and hydraulic fluid tubing is soft

and flexable and a mesh screen guard lines behind the rear window

The rear, as you can see here it has quite a large dump bed

View of the right side. Another nice thing about this model is

that unlike a lot of other model adt's it dumps at almost

a full 90 degree's instead of only like 45 degree's

Three stage hydraulic dump cylinders

Full front and rear suspension

Close-up view of the rear spring loaded suspension system

Since I was so impressed with this model I figured I better get a

few=) The detail is awesome on this, as you can now see, and

I can assure you you will be pleased if you decide to get one!

Looks great loaded on this Peterbilt lowboy, a perfect shelf combo

Here's a good shot of some HM400's in action being loaded

one after another by that PC1100LC-6 excavator


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