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LIEBHERR HS843 HD dragline

Manufacturer: CONRAD

Scale: 1:50

This model is a beauty and a big one at that, look how it towers the

man below

The cab is just like the real thing with the correct levers and controls

Close up of the rotating drag pull reel

Fully erected (without additional bought boom sections) boom reacheds almost 19 inches tall!

Close up of the upper pully system

Close up of the drag bucket

When the top cable is lifted and the lower cable is realeased the

bucket is forced to dump

When the upper cable is released slowly and the lower cable is

brought in the bucket drags along the ground towards crane

Close up of the rear boom lift/lower pully system

Rear counter weight

Right side showing off the cranes tracks and the three  pully handles

(the front one's for the lower dragline cable, the middle ones for the upper lifting cable, the rear ones for booms lift/lower cable)

Another view of the front section

The left side

Showing off how with the correct releasing of cables the bucket is thrown out

...then dragged in

...brought up


...and then dumped


...all in a days work!

Photo to show how low boom is capable of going


The following pics are sequence of photos to show the rear pully bar

and how it's brought up


...then boom sections are laid out

...then connected

...boom pully is unattached to be cabled

...cables are connected

... and laid into place

...and then finally the buckets broght in and connected

It's a big bucket alright

It takes a whole crew of trucks to move this baby

Action pic #1 of the HS843 HD at work clearing out this rock riverbed

Action pic #2 of the LIEBHERR drag busily working



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