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LIEBHERR HS 883 crawler crane

Manufacturer: CONRAD

Scale: 1:50

This here is the big HS 883 crawler crane. One step up from the

HS 882 and just below the HS 885 you can get an idea of how big

this machine is by sizing it up next to that worker there next to it

Inside the cab is an operators seat, levers, and a side display panel

Thick wide plastic tracks

View of the front with it's little overhead lights and railing handles

Pic of the right side showing walkway with access ladder and

also pully handle hole inserts (one handle push pin taht can be switches between)

Rear view

Left side view with the boom assembled and attached

A second rear/side view showing pully handle pin

Here's a close-up of the booms lift/lower pully system, also

showing the other two big cable drums

The crane fully erected

Staright up like shown boom reahes 20 inches tall

Boom extentions are available to add on

(they come in packs of 2 with extention cables as well)

Here's the HS 883 with four boom extentions added

With teh four extentions in place the cranes maxiumum

height is almost doubled reaching close to 40 inches

The three sheeved hook

A nice overhead pic showing the height from the boom tip

Here's a pic to show some added in counter weights to eliminate

the chance of the crane tipping with the boom extentions in place

This shot shows the size difference between the HS 885

and its smaller sibling the Hs 843

Disassembled onto trucks the crane is ready for what ever

heavy lifting lies on the road ahead

Here's the big LIEBHERR crane in action equipped

with a clam shell on the end digging extremely

deep foundation footings for what will someday

be a massive skyscraper



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