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HYUNDAI 800LC-7A excavator

Manufacturer: MICA WORLD

Scale: 1:50

Here is the HYUNDAI 800LC-7A hydraulic excavator from MICA WORLD,

you can get an idea of this machines large size by using that man

standing beside the bucket as a reference

View of the left side

Front view

Right side view

Side/rear view

The cab is plated with a nice big cab guard for protection on the front

Plastic linked tracks

Hydraulic lines run from the hydraulic pump up to the boom cylinders

The engine cover opens up to expose engine

Nice large toothed heavy duty bucket

Excavators maximum digging depth

Considering this model is made by a somewhat "unknown" model

manufacturing it isn't all that bad of a model

Back to back shot

Comparison shot of the HYUNDAI 800LC-7A next to the VOLVO EC700

Loading up a mack dump truck

One of the 800LC-7A's leaving the yard and heading off to the jobsite

Here's a pic of the large HYUNDAI excavator in action loading up CAT 769D's

one after another with its large bucket


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