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INTERNATIONAL 175 crawler loader

Manufacturer: FIRST GEAR

Scale: 1:50

Here is FIRST GEAR's INTERNATIONAL 175 crawler track loader. You can

 get an idea of the machines size with that man beside it there

The cab details are phenomenal, every lever and control is there and

 detailed to the max

Here's a second ciew from the opposite side... Amazing!

Smooth rolling linked metal tracks

Left side view

Rear view with tow hitch pulling pin

The right side

The front, has hook under for attaching to

Totally functional boom and clam shell bucket

Close-up of the front toothed clam shell bucket

The details on this model are beyond words and the pics should speak for

themselves... This is a fantastic model at an unbelievable price I highly

recommened every collector buying one! Here's a pic compared to a 953B

Loaded up and heading to the site ahead

Here's a pic of the 175 in action clearing away this plot of land

preparing for a new housing development project



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