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"IOWA" Mack Granite w/ lowboy

Manufacturer: First Gear

Scale: 1:50

Here is First Gears awesome Mack Granite w/ Talbert lowboy in "IOWA"

livery... You can get an idea of the trucks size w/ that driver beside it

Features rubber tires and steerable front axle

Realistic headlights, chrome front end, and even the Mack dog hood ornament

Side view of the truck and lowboy

Rear has official dot striping, branded Talbert mud-flaps, and even a

"WIDE LOAD" sign w/ warning beacons

Truck is painted in official IOWA orange along with white rims

The doors open to show off the life like interior

The hood pulls forward to expose the highly detailed engine

"IOWA highway department" decals

Tractor can be detached from lowboy

Mack Granite series tractor

Headach rack, mud-flaps, fifth wheel, air hoses & electrical line

The Talbert 3 axle lowboy

Fully functional gooseneck w/ hydraulic hoses

Detached gooseneck from lowboy deck

Gooseneck is detached by pushing in on the pin w/ your finger thats

located in the center

Lowboy deck has fold-out ramps

Overhead shot

The lowboy also consists of outriggers for larger loads

Plastic wood looking planks are provided for placing on outriggers

A "WIDE LOAD" clip-on sign is also provided for the front of the truck

This model is GREAT! It's unbelieveably detailed and priced very affortable!

First Gear is offering a limitied number of 4 differnt versions of the model;

IOWA,RLF,HWY DEPT., and KOMATSU. This model is something you

DO NOT want to miss out on so stop reading this and go get your now!

Here's a shot of the IOWA mack hauling a piece of equipment down the road

...and another pic of the Mack with a dozer...

...and another here with a CAT 725 ADT

Here's a pic of the Iowa Mack cruising down the highway with a

Hitachi excavator


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