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JCB 3CX backhoe loader

Manufacturer: MOTORART

Scale: 1:50

This is MOTORART's JCB 3CX backhoe loader model, you get an idea of

its size with that man next to it

The cab is quite detailed on the inside just like Motorart's Volvo BL71

 backhoe model

The front two wheels are steerable

Front view with smooth faced loader bucket, overhead work lights, chrome

exhaust stack, and windshield wipers

Side view with chrome diamond plate steps and crisp paint

Rear view, with overhead work lights, windsheild wipers, side shft backhoe

boom, and you can also see the front railings and mirrior details

Right side

Front boom fully raised

Rear backhoe boom features extenda-hoe

Boom can be shifted from side to side

Extenda-hoe boom works by a hydraulic cylinder inside

A bad flaw on this model is that the rear stabilizers are fixed and do not

extend down which really sucks... Motorart made their Volvo BL71 model

have working stabilizers so I'm not sure why they missed

 that detail on this model

One way around this flaw is you can do what I did and pop off the ground

pad and then drill a hole up into the stabilizer housing and insert a steel

or brass cylinder making it so that the model has working stabilizers

This is a greatly detailed model from Motorart it does have a few major flaws,

like the stabilizers that don't really work, the front bucket doesn't actually work

as a grapple bucket like it looks like it would, and it also doesn't dump fully... but

some of these flaws like the stabilizers can be fixed with a little work making this a

 good display model next to some of the other highly detailed backhoe models available

Here's a shot of the 3CX in action backfilling a trench after fixing an

underground water pipe leak on this roadway


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