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JOHN DEERE 872D grader (high detail)

Manufacturer: ERTL

Scale: 1:50

Here's the high detailed 872D grader by ERTL you get an idea

of the machines size with that worker standing there

The cab is just as detailed as the rest of the machine with all the

correct levers,controls, and pedals

Pic of the front showing details like the mirriors on the cab

and front lights

Close-up of the fronts hydraulic steering system

The rear engine compartment doors open exposing the

detailed JOHN DEERE engine

The opposite side opens as well showing the rest of the engine

The blade can be raised or lowered, turned, and also angled

Here's a second shot of the blade

The rear rippers can be raised or lowered

Working front and rear suspension to keep blade level

Being a fan of all the high detailed models this is a great

addition to any collection the only downfall would be the

big silver rivits on the machine

Here's the 872D grader in action leveling the soil for what

will soon become a new roadway



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