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JCB JS220 LR (long reach) excavator

Manufacturer: MOTORART

Scale: 1:50

Here is the cool JCB JS220 LR model from MOTORART, you can get

an idea of this machines just by comparing it to that man waving

View of the operators side

View from the front

View of the opposite side

Rear view

Very detailed cab interior with painted levers, pedals, and operators seat

Metal linked tracks

Even features an opening engine access cover

With the cover opened a detailed engine is reveiled

Hydraulic lines lead from the body up the boom and dipper to

the hydraulic cylinders

Even the smallest decals and warning labels have been added to resemble

 the real machine as much as possible

Small wide toothed ditch cleaning bucket

Excavator has quite a deep digging depth capability

Not only can it dig deep the JS 220 LR can also clear dump trucks if needed

Another cool feature this JCB Long Reach has is a boom locking pin and bar,

The pin can be removed to unlock bar,

The bar can then lock onto one of the desired holes provided on the dipper,

Once locked in place the boom and dipper are locked together tight as one

and ready for transport

This is a great model from Motorart loaded with lots of great detail and I

highly recommend one to any collector who doesn't already have one!

Here's a shot of the JS220 LR in action doing some steep hillside repair work


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