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KOMATSU WB140 backhoe loader w/ attachments

Manufacturer: FIRST GEAR

Scale: 1:50

Standing next to the backhoe this construction worker gives you an idea of its size

This backhoe features the best most detailed cab i have ever seen! All looks

so realistic the seat, steering wheel, levers, everything...

From front to back this is one fantastic model... look at all the detail on the lights

and even the added safety boom lock

Besides the unpainted rivits this model is a MUST have and suprisingly

well priced

Shot of the rubber padded stabilizers with hydraulics and also a view inside

the rear of the cab showing off the detailed levers

Extend-a boom with quick coupler

Front quick coupler

Two provided front attachments (forks,grabbling teethed bucket)

Three provided rear attachments (vibrating compactor, teethed bucket,hammer)

Travels well placed on the WHITE tractor trailer

In action using its front grappling bucket to move debris around the consruction site


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