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"KUBLER" Mercedes tractor w/ Nooteboom heavy haul trailer

Manufacturer: CONRAD

Scale: 1:50

This is the Mercedes Actros w/ Nooteboom multi-axle heavy hual lowboy

trailer in "KUBLER" livery from CONRAD.

The model comes in a nice box for storing

The Mercedes Actros tractor

Tractor has a full air compressor and tool box set up behind the cab

Cab tilts forward to reveal engine below

Here's a picture to show everything included with the model

The lowboy is equipped with two large hooks that when the gooseneck is

lowered they attach to and then once gooseneck is raised so is the lowboy deck

The dollies can be arranged in many different variations, this is done just

by connecting them to one another by inserting a plastic lock pin

Two connected dollies

When the diamond plated deck is removed you can see how the dollies

wheels are all connected and turn in sequence with one another...

...like this

Each wheel not only turns but also has its own suspension, they all have

just one connection point right in front of the tire which allows it to raise

up and down whenever needed to keep the load level

Two rods are also supplied for each axle dolly connection point to make

all the axles steer in sequence with one another

Pic of a connection point to show additional steering rods in place to

bridge the steering connections of both dollies

Wheels steering in sequence with one another on all the dollies

Heavy haul set up

Pic 2 of the heavy haul set up

The lowboy is connected to the dollies the same way as the dollies are

connected to one another by just using a plastic lock pin

Two coonect the front lowering part of the lowboy a special adaptor

piece is included

Pic with a two axle jeep dolly in place

Overhead shot of the lowboy

Plastic boards are provided for the lowboy deck

The lowboy's sides even extend out for large loads

The plastic boards can be turned sideways and work on this extended

deck as well

Heavy hual wide deck lowboy set up

Lowboy deck also extends

Extends nearly twice in length

Can also still be pushed out and widened while extended


A removeable bumper is provided that can be attached to any of the

dollies depending on which one is used at the rear

The lowboy can be used in standard two or three axle set ups as well

Here's a shot of the heavy hauler in action hauling some heavy

 crane counter weights

Another shot of the KUBLER hualer moving a large Liebherr crawler crane

The Nooteboom with a massive industrial generator on its deck

Hauling a huge concrete pipe section with its long extended deck

Must be fun making turns with this beast

Hauling a big CAT 385B L to another job site

Moving a little HAMM compactor with just a basic 2-axle lowboy set up

And finally one more pic of the Mercedes heavy hauler in action moving a

LIEBHERR 954 demolition excavator to its next building for demolishing


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