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LIEBHERR L564 loader

Manufacturer: JOAL

Scale: 1:50

This is the LIEBHERR L564 loader, you can see just how big it is

by that worker next to it

The cab features all the necessary levers and controls and even a

easy turn knob on the steering wheel

Unlike alot of loader models with the boom down the bucket can be

tilted down into the ground or tilted back like shown here

Pic of the rear

Side railing details with climb ladder, high reach bucket height

Here's a pic to show the loaders maxiumum dump height

Full suspention on axles, see how it goes right over that rock

and all wheels are still touching the ground

This is a really good and suprisingly detailed model from joal,

espiecially for the low cost of about $20

Here's a good picture of the loader in action backfilling that

pipe trench



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