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LIEBHERR 734 LGP dozer

Manufacturer: BRAMI

Scale: 1:50

This is the LIEBHERR 734 LGP model bulldozer with super wide

tracks, you get an idea of the dozers size with that fella there

The cab is very detailed with everything from wipers on the

windows to colored levers on the inside

Features extra wide metail linked tracks for stability and

grip on loose terrian

Wide blade on the front along with details such as engine

warning decals on the side

Not like some chinsey models that the blade barley raises on

this model the blade raises high like the real deal

The rear just has a pulling hitch, since this machine works on loose

soils rippers arn't needed like on its brother model the 734 XL

Here's a view of the right side

This is a great model with details all around and doesn't contain

any flaws in my eyes there isn't even one single noticable rivit

I highly recommened this and the 734 XL to any collector

Great looking model for a lowboy load

Here's a good pic of the LIEBHERR LGP in action clearing up this

riverbed that filled with soft sand and silt from rains earlier

in the year


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