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LIEBHERR 734 XL dozer w/ rippers

Manufacturer: BRAMI

Scale: 1:50

Here is the awesome LIEBHERR 734 XL bulldozer from BRAMI,

you can get a rough idea of the machines size with that man there

The inside of the cab is just as detailed as the outside with all

the controls, pedals, and levers with touched up paint detail

Smooth rolling metal linked tracks

View of the front dozer push blade

Blade can be raised nice and high like the real machine

The rear features a set of three working ripping blades

Rippers can be lowered deep into the ground, Brami did

a good job of using small un-noticable black rivits

Here's a view of the right side with the push blade raised

and the rippers down

This is a great very detailed model you can even see in this pic the

added safety decals on the front... I hope you already own

one of these if not I highly suggest it to any collector!

Looks great even as just load on a lowboy

Here's a shot of the 734 XL in action tearing into the soil getting

it ready for the scrapers to scoop up



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