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LIEBHERR HS 881 crawler crane w/ ICE pile driver attachment

Manufacturer: CONRAD

Scale: 1:50

Here is the CONRAD LIEBHERR HS 881 crane, you can get an idea

of the crawler cranes size with that construction worker waving there

The can is the standard Conrad setup with an operators

 seat and a few side controls

Plastic rubbery linked tracks

Side view of the tracks and carbody

Side view of the crane and boom

Rear view

Right side view

Overhead shot to show the three pully drums

The boom can go from the ground to almost a 90 degree angle

Boom fully erected

At its max height (without any additional boom sections)

the crane reaches approx. 20 inches high

I've equipped this crane with a "ICE" pile driver kit

from ZON Models and painted it red

A rear generator hanger slids onto the crane counter weight

The generator is like the real thing with an exhaust pipe

and lifting bracket

The generator sets into place on the rear hanger

Metal tubing runs air and hydraulic lines along the side of the crane

Close-up of the vibrating pile driver attachment

The complet setup

Boom sections come apart for transport

Loaded up and off to another site the 881 goes

Here's a shot of the LIEBHERR crane in action with

the pile driver attachment installing steel sheets

for the digging of a massive hotel foundation


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