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LIEBHERR LRB 255 drilling-piling rig

Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:50

Here is the Liebherr LRB 255 drilling/piling rig from NZG, you can get

an idea of this models size by using that figure as a scaler

Front view

view of the operators side

Rear view

Right side view

Detailed cab interior

Metal linked tracks

Massive boom mast

Fully functional boom and hammer

Boom mast is raised and lowered by the 3 staged sections directly behind

Overhead view looking down

Complete full working top section

Pulley wheel adjust to how needed

A great feature on this model is the working side swing crane

A key is provided that slides into the crane winch to work the crane hook

Crane hook jib can be swung forward...

...or out to the side

The boom tilts from side to side for angled pilers

Photo to show boom tilted over a few degrees

The LRB 255 is equipped with a large 40 VM series vibrating hammer

Another view of the large 40 VM

Hydraulic lines run from the Liebherr into the hammer head

Hydraulic lines leading into the housing

Side compartment doors offer cover for winch controls

The doors open up to expose winch controllers

Another key is provided to work the winches, winches are equipped with

a locking device to prevent the cable from slipping or the hammer head

from dropping

On the opposite side the rear door can be opened to expose winch

control for the rear auxiliary winch

The hammers vibrator heads actually grip pilier sheets

Pilier gripped and ready for ramming

The three stage sections that raise and lower the mast also tilt

it to set anglied pile sheets

Shot with boom mast angled back

Boom angled forward

Side crane bringing in another pilier

The mammer head can be detached by removing a single pin

works on a quick hitch format

Using the side crane to move the hammer head

Here's a photo to show you just how large this40 VM hammer head is

The heads on the hammer are adjustable and slide

Heads slid opposite from above pic

The wide tracks can be brought in close for transport

Tracks brought in close for transporting

The model comes already assembled in the box so I didn't want to

disassemble it right away but like this picture shows in the manuel

 the model folds up for easy transport

Here's a shot of the Liebherr next to a Sennebogen ABI piler for

size comparison

Side comparison shot

Group rig photo of the BG 40, the LRB 255, and the SR 70

A nice display pad for the model to sit on is even provided

Two pilier sheets are provided that lock into the display pad

Pilier sheets locked into the display, ones long and ones short

to look as if its already been hammered in

Set the LRB 255 on the pad and engage the hammer head and you have

one heck of a nice display

This is an awesome model NZG did a great job with all parts being functional,

 all rivits touched up with paint, metal linked tracks, and all the other

awesome details this model is a great addition to any collection!

Here's a shot of the LRB255 rig in action hammering in some piliers at this

building site


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