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Manufacturer: CONRAD

Scale: 1:50

Here is the awesome "CRANES INC." LTC1055 you can get an idea

of its size by comparing it to its operator who stands below

Even the inside of this beauty is extremely detailed as you can see...

 Levers, steering wheel, complete detailed front dash

All wheel steering, front axle then rear two together

Includes the full scale city painting just like on the real machine

...not only on the sides but on the rear counter weight as well

Pic of the four working outriggers and a holding place for the hook

when in travel mode. Also look at all the details the model has from

 the diamond plating that surrounds the upper deck, and the

 ladders on the side, to the amber beacon lights above


      The additional counter weight is kept on the front end

of the crane for equal weight distribution when traveling


Below is a sequence of photos to show how easy it is for the operator to

 swing the crane around and add on the addition counter weight without

 leaving the operators seat:





Besides having a swing over boom extention on the main boom there are

also three more sections that can be added on that when driving are

kept stacked on a removeable rack on the rear of the crane. Heres a

a few photos of the crane removing the boom extention rack showing

how fast and easy the process is:



This baby doesn't have just 4 or 5 boom sections,

or even 6, but actually has 7 main boom sections!

The boom sections alone fully extended reach over

31 inches high

Attached to the boom, the swing over boom extention

piece can be swung over to reach even higher

With the boom extention piece swung over and the boom fully

extended the crane climbs nearly 38 inches tall  

And if having all the boom extentions fully extended as well

as having the swing over boom extention in place isn't enough,

3 more pieces of frame can be easily pinned to the boom

 extention piece allowing it to reach even higher

Having all the boom extentions extended, and the boom extention

piece swung over, and all the add in frame sections in place this

small crane can reach an astonishing 43 inches!!

Here's a birds eye view from above looking down on

the crane

Front view of the crane ready for travel

Here's another pic to show off more details such as the exhaust

stack thats behind the counter weight as well as the cable

pully wheel

This is one fantastic model from CONRAD they went all out and did a

great job on it. This is a great model as a basic crane and the added

 "CRANES INC" paintings just make it beautiful I highly recommend

anyone on getting one you won't be disappointed!

Here's a pic of the "CRANES INC" LTC1055 in action unloading boom

sections from flatbeds and putting together this large LIEBHERR LR1280



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