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MACK Granite "American Drywall Supply" truck

Manufacturer: FIRST GEAR

Scale: 1:34

Here is FIRST GEAR's MACK granite delivery truck in "american

Drywall Supply" livery

The inside of this model is overwhelming it looks identical

to the real thing! Even leather look alike seats

Front view with realistic headlights

Drivers side view showing off its awesome paint job

Rear view with fork rack

The right side

Pulled up extra third rear axle

Hood opens to epose engine

Incrediably detailed diesel engine- look how even the

heatrap on the pipes looks like real heatrap and all the

time taken into painting all those individual pieces...

Working pull-down hydraulic stabilizers

Added realistic "DANGER watch for overhead powerlines" decals

The cranes operator seat

Hydraulic lines lead from the hydraulic pump

all the way up the crane boom

Fork stays locked into rear rack for when driving

Crane can rotate a full 360 degrees around the truck

Second boom section can be extended for longer reach

Here's a pic to show the boom extended

The forks fold up to be stored...

...and fold down for loading/unloading

Fork blades can be slide far out to the sides for big loads...

...or brought in tight for smaller pallet sized loads

The model even comes with a 3 stack pile of drywall

and a pallet of mud containers in american livery

This is yet another GREAT model that FIRST GEAR has offered us,

this truck is more like piece of art rather than a model... I don't

know how they do it but they do one heck of a job, if you like

 1:34 scale models or are looking for something to put up on

your shelf for display this is definitly the model for you!

Here's a shot of the "american" MACK truck in action delivering

some drywall to this residential building site, you can see

the framed homes behind that forklift there



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