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"MAMMOET" livery Peterbilt 379 w/ Rogers lowboy

Manufacturer: TWH

Scale: 1:50

Here is the ultimate truck, the MAMMOET Peterbilt 379 with

Rogers lowboy. You can get an idea of this beauty's

size as it's driver climbs in

Although the photo makes it very difficult to see the interior is

just as detailed as the exterior with everything in place

from a turn signal switch bar on the side of the steering

wheel down to center stick shift

Of course the doors open

The front wheels turn

All the wheels are soft real rubber

Here's a front view of the tractor showing off its realistic

headlights and see through front grill

Side view with rogers lowboy attached

The rear view

And the right side

Since this is a MAMMOET model its only being made in a small

limited edition product run

Tractor side view with "MAMMOET" paint and logoing

Front hood opens

Even the detail on the massive deisel engine is at its

max, it looks more realistic than the real thing

Headach rack with chains and ratchet lock downs... The roof has

two waring beacons and four air horns, there are 4 round and 4

square air horns provided so you get to choose which to use

There is even a dummy glad hand pole for the air lines

to attach to when the lowboy's off

Oh and yes there is even a removeable fold-out tarp!

The fifth wheel works off a clicking spring loaded lock

and can be slide into different positions

Here's another view of the fifth wheel in a different position.

There is a locking lever to lock the trailers kingpin into place, you

just pull forward to open and then when released it locks kingpin

The rear of the tractor has real looking brake and reverse lights,

a "DHS" license plate and Peterbilt mud flaps

Air and electrical lines attach to the lowboy

Lowboy lifts and lowers by a dual hydraulic system

The lowboy is fully decalled with "MAMMOET" decals, "DANGER"

decals, and even an american flag stcker

The lowboy air and electrical lines detach from the gooseneck

for lowering and seperating the gooseneck from deck

Gooseneck detaches and ramps fold down

Gooseneck works similar to the Tonkin models with a clip lock

The lowboy is equipped with side hangers and tie down hang loops

Side hangers can be pulled out for larger loads

Extra wood planks are even provided for the side hangers

Just like the real thing the third axle on the lowboy rides

just above the ground while the deck is empty

When loaded the third axle rides on the ground for more

weight distribution

Complete air ride suspension system with all the

air lines and brake chambers in place

Just like the tractor the lowboy also has Rogers mud-flaps,

realistic tail lights, and a "DHS" license plate

The two detached

For oversize loads the proper signs are provided and

clip onto both the tractor and lowboy

Pic without Oversize Load signs

I can sum up this model in two words, "GET ONE"! You will

Absolutly love this beauty!!

Here's a pic of the truck cruising down the road with one

of the MAMMOET heavy lifting CAT 980G's


Click here if you wanna see a few more pics


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