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"MAX WILD" LIEBHERR 954 B V excavator w/ demo boom

Manufacturer: CONRAD

Scale: 1:50

Here is the CONRAD LIEBHERR 954 Litronic excavator with demo boom in

"MAX WILD" livery, you can get an idea of this machines size with that man there

The cab features a basic plastic detailed insert but has a nice enclosed

cab guard on the front and top for protection

Plastic linked tracks

Front view

Side view

Rear view

And view of the other side

This is a pretty awesome model it comes with all that is shown above

 It even comes in a nice box to store it in

One of the best parts of this model is it actually has a quick coupler to allow

for quick hitching of attachments

Unlike all the other 954 demo excavator models that have just an attached

shear this model comes with a shear and a rotating grab

Hydraulic line detail runs from the from the hydraulic tank and up the boom

More hydraulic line detail

The entire model is painted nicely in Max Wild colors and fitted with all

the appropriate Max wild decaling

The shear attachment rotates 360 degrees

Pic 2 to show shear rotation

The shears jaws also open...

...and close

To attach or detach an attachment a single pin is just needed to

be removed

Showing how attachments can be switched

The grapple can be opened wide...

...and closed tight

The grab also rotates a full 360 degrees

Pic 2 to show rotating grab

This thing has one long and high reach for getting to those top stories of buildings

Fully extended forward

the demo boom can be detached by removing to plastic pins

Stands are provided for the booms to rest on when switching

The model also has a normal sized digging boom and bucket

The boom is attached by re-inserting the plastic pins

Digging boom also colored nicely in Max Wild colors with crisp decals

The boom can be attached in a normal digging set up or by

attaching the pins in the forward most holes the boom can

also be set up as a straight boom

Just like the real thing the boom even has a locking bracket for transport

Pic to show boom in locked position

Max wild 954 demo next to factory colored 954 demo

pic to of the demo 954's

I'm impressed with CONRAD this is a really cool and nicely done model

Here's a shot of the 954B V in action ripping apart this

old concrete building

Another shot of the demo excavator in action here its

switched from its grapple to its shear to eat away at the concrete


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