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PROJECT #5 Extending existing water pipe

Est.Cost: $82,000

ETA: 12 days

Length: 5,000 ft.

Contractor: Kennedy Pipeline Co.

With the rapid increase of population over the past few years new homes have

 been being built more than ever and with that in mind Mission City is

 extending their pre-laid water main another 5,000 feet to allow for the

 maxiumum amount of new homes to be over this land

Kennedy Pipeline won the bid for this project with an estimated cost of

 $82,000 and an E.T.A. of just 12 days. Above you can see them rushing to

 get all their equipment on site the day before construction is set to begin

On the bright morning of day 1 Kennedy Pipeline crews began excavation

Not long after digging the end of the already pre-laid new water main was

located, this is where the 5,000 foot extention will be starting from

Once the water main tip had been located the excavation of the new pipeline

trench took off. While the big 984 excavator dug none stop and crews checked

the trench slope grade more equipment was delivered to the site to begin

the process of installing the new piping

Here's a close-up of one of the new 25' long pipe segments that will be used

The segments of pipe are unloaded with a DEERE 624J loader equipped with

a grapple and are then set into place along the side of the trench

Among the 624J that was delivered, for the use of unloading the pipe

segments, a CATERPILLAR 365C L excavator was also delivered, (the Kennedy

guys where all excited about this piece because it was the first time

 they got to use it since it was just purchased by Kennedy Co. and delivered

straight from the factory) for lowering the new pipe segments

 into place in the trench

Here you can eally see the project taking off as the 984 excavator continues

digging and the 365C L excavator begins lowering the new pieces of pipeline

Once the new pipeing was all in place and all the seal connections where dry

and inspected the CAT 365C L, with a wide bucket attached to its quick

 coupler, crawled on top of the dirt pile along side the trench and

 began the backfilling process as a HAMM compactor that was delivered

 compacts the soil levels

Here's another shot as the backfilling of the trench nears completion

On exactly the twelve day the trench was completly backfilled and the job

was completed, right on schedule just as planned and expected

Construction of the new homes isn't set to begin for another few months

 but within a year or so all this land will be covered with new

 housing developments


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