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Construction of a new water drainage ditch

CAT 365C L ME hard at work doing some major mass earth moving

Pic 2 of the 365C L ME loading up some 769D's

CAT 345B L & CAT 325C L in action laying a new sewer line

CAT 325C L laying swer pipe into trench 345b L's digging

The McAninch crew at work grading for the new I-99 freeway

McAninch crew pic. 2 with Bill out checking the grade steaks 

CAT 365B L ME, D8R, 725's doing some major earth moving

 The excavation process begins on creating the foundation of a new high rise

The Caterpillar mining crew busy at work removing this hillside

992G loading up 777D in about 3 scoops and the D11R above shaving down the hillside

Crews adding a new water pipeline that will soon supply hundreds of homes under

Because of the depth required this cat 375 is being used to dig the trenching for this
new pipeline. (CAT 375 shown here with welded on smooth blade over teeth to get
create a clean flat underbody that the pipe will need to sit on)

A different portion of the same new pipeline previously pictured. Here a required treatment
filter system is being applied to the newly installed pipeline (If you look in the background
you can see how the crew with the 375 excavator have already layed all straight pipeing
and are now curving to the left)

Picture shot real quick while driving by this lumber recycling plant

Huge stones are being loaded into this 777D not for mineral purposes but rather to be the
lining of new storm drain channel not far away

Here the 777D is dumping those stones along the assigned places of the new storm
channel (Not shown but CAT 375 ME is more to the right placing the massive stones
exactly where needed)

With all these new water pipes being installed we forget that gas also has to brought in
by pipe. Thats whats shown here these 2 CAT 325's are busy digging, teamed up with the
416C backhoe to install some new yellow gas pipelines

You cant build a big strong retaining wall without some deep pilers. Sennebogen ABI
shown here drilling the holes needed

Crews rush to the scene here, one breaking teh asphalt while one digs and another 
removes the dirt to fix a split waterline in the busy temporarily closed street 

It's service time! Even huge monsters like this 365B L need their scheduled oil changes
Some major mass earth moving
Demolition begins
In the Diorama: The GROVE crane is lifting those concrete barriers and placing
them on the roadside getting ready for construction

In the Diorama: Preparing for the building of a new bridge, the CAT 375 digs inside the
lower ditch while the 5110B removes the dirt and then the D8R pushes it up the hill while
compacting it at the same time

In the Diorama: CAT 420D backhoe doing some minor roadside trenching

In the Diorama: CAT 325B L loading this Volvo dump truck with dirt that needs to be
removed in order for a sidewalk to be poured
In the Diorama: LIEBHERR A314 on the city repair crew to fix a damaged old white
 clay pipeline

In the Diorama: The 2 massive excavtors CAT 375 and KOMATSU PC1100LC work
together to dig this enormous trench for a need 5 foot wide drainage pipe

In the Diorama: Drainage pipe section being lowered into trench with guidence help
from the PC1100LC

In the Diorama: An old clay drainage pipe has to be removed before anymore progress
can continue on laying the new 5' reinforced pipeline

In the Diorama: another picture of the clay pipeline removal

In the Diorama: Pic shot from out the car window as we drove past the construction
scene after hours

In the Diorama: Pic shot looking through the fence as the D8R cleans up the
hillside with help from the 375 to prevent any chance of erosion or slidage

In the Diorama: CAT 325B L loads Sterling dump truck with excess dirt on this road
 widening project

In the Diorama: The 2 smaller cat excavators teamed up one digging and one
laying this pipleine to get the job done as fast as possible

In the Diorama: Second view of the pipeline installation project

In the Diorama: Instead of removing the roadway to install new drainage pipe
crews tunnel underneath the roadway which is shown here. The 984 is digging
 teamed up with 345B L which is loading up the 725 while in tandom the 375 is
compacting the dirt over the already layed pipe...

In the Diorama: KOMATSU D 375A showing you what kind of ripping power it has

In the Diorama: watching and doing what the surveyor says the D 375A levels out
the now ripped up loosened dirt to where needed
In the Diorama: CAT 245 excavator equiped with a massive breaker is assisting
in the demolition of this bridge overpass
In the Diorama: CAT 365 cutting up rebar and seperating it from the concrete pieces
In the Diorama: While the CAT 245 continues to break away at the bridge a huge CAT
5110B scoops up the debres
In the Diorama: This KOMATSU PC1100LC loads up this CAT 725 with the big boulders
that used to line this creek bed
In the Diorama: Building demolition project pic #1
In the Diorama: Building demo pic #2
In the Diorama: Building demo pic #3
In the Diorama: Building demo pic #4
In the Diorama: Building demo pic #5
In the Diorama: Building demo pic #6
In the Diorama: Building demo pic #7 - parking lot concrete breaking
In the Diorama: Building demo pic #8 - parking lot concrete breaking pic 2
In the Diorama: Building demo pic #9 - parking lot concrete breaking pic 3
In the Diorama: Building demo pic #10 - parking lot concrete breaking & removal pic 3
In the Diorama: Framing begins for temporary bridge scaffolding
In the Diorama: Crane lowering one of the large cross beams
In the Diorama: Placing another temporary support beam
In the Diorama: After completion of the framing rebar is layed and concrete is poured
In the Diorama: Concrete workers placing the last bit of concrete on the new bridge
In the Diorama: Close-up of the concrete being poured into the pump truck
Diorama: pouring concrete for foundation
Foundation Diorama: Close-up of the concrete being poured from truck to pump hopper
Foundation Diorama: Overhead shot showing the sewer plumbing and tension cables
Foundation Diorama: Close-up of the concrete pouring and anchor bolts
Foundation Diorama: Close-up of the concrete formwork and tensioning cables
In the Diorama: The BAUER drill rig drilling for foundation side wall supports
In the Diorama: Another view of the drill rig in action
In the Diorama: Concrete is poured into the holes drilled by the rig to create a side
wall for the foundation
In the Diorama: A CAT 375 equipped with a clam-shell bucket attachment reaches
down into the trench box digging deep in order to put in a ground water seep drain
In the Diorama: CAT 375 raises clam-shell from trench filled with dirt
In the Diorama: 375 turns to empty clam-shell bucket into pile
In the Diorama: 375 opening and emptying dirt from clam-shell
In the Diorama: Back into the trench for more...
In the Diorama: CASE CX800 digging to replace a broken sewer seal
In the Diorama: CASE CX800 dumping bucket into the awaiting sterling truck
In the Diorama: A CAT 385B L lowers in a large piece of angled sewer pipe
Two Komatsu PC1100's hard at work lowering the earth level for a new expressway
Another Pic of the massive expressway project
Close up of one of the Komatsu's loading up a CAT 769D hauler

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