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CAT 390D LME Excavator

CAT 390D LME demonstrating its digging depth

CAT 385C L Excavator

CAT 385C L demonstrating its digging depth

CAT 385C L vs. CAT 390D LME

CAT 390D LME vs. CAT 385C L

Big CAT's

CAT 385C L's & 390D LME's


CAT 365C L, 375, 385C L

CAT 385C L - 390D LME - 385C L

Tandem axle Kenworth T800 w/ jeep & dolly hauling 651E scraper

Mammoet Kenworth T800 hauling a CAT 834B wheel dozer


Mammoet Kenworth T800 hauling a CAT D10N pushcat


McAninch D10T on 3x3x3 crusin down the highway

Ralph D. Mitzel CAT D10 pushcat

A pair of CAT D10's push loading a scraper

Ralph D. Mitzel D10's double pushing

Showing the massive size of the D10

Another shot standing next to the huge Ralph Mitzel #114 pushcat

Service in the Komatsu yard

HM400 getting overhauled

Sterling hauling 924G on hyster tilt trailer

CAT 924G tool carrier loading Sterling dump truck

Group shot of "the Big 3"; CAT 5110B, KOMATSU PC1100LC, LIEBHERR 984

365B L line-up

Caterpillar Excavator BIG to small size comparison

CAT 5110B Vs. 5130B (font view)

(Side view)

(Rear View)

LIEBHERR LTC1055 in front of the sunset

LIEBHERR 984-LIEBHERR 954- side size comparison

LIEBHERR 984-LIEBHERR 954- front size comparison

LIEBHERR 984-LIEBHERR 954  high reach demo boom-  size comparison

Some 385's lined up

Rear view of a row of CAT 365B L's

A 365B L street march

Some CAT 245 excavators lined up

The 325's - CAT 325C L, 325B L, 325 L

Some CAT 325C L's

Rear view of the 325C L's

Some CAT 5080's lined up at the factory

CAT 365C L / CAT 365C FS

CAT 365C L / CAT 365C FS

CAT 365C L / CAT 365C FS

CAT 994F  vs. CAT 966F (1)

CAT 994F  vs. CAT 966F (2)

CAT 994  vs. CAT 944F

CAT 994 / CAT 944F / 966F

CAT 385C L vs. CAT 365C L

Some brand newKomatsu PC1100LC-6's lined up

Heavy Iron!

Another angle of the massive beasts

Who's next to be picked up

Feeding time is about to begin


Layin' some pipe

7495 loading 797F

The BIG CAT's 3x D10 pushers

D10 pushers on the ready line

Pair of D10T pushers

D10T&N pushers ready for action

834K wheel dozer with 988K loader

A D9L open rops pushcat beside D9L closed cab pusher

D9L with impact ripper next to D9L with multi-shank rippers

D10 with single shank ripper against D10 with impact ripper

The impact fleet: D9L - D10 - D11N

CAT 349E's 

CAT 349E LME vs 390D LME

CAT 390D LME and 349E LME

CAT  777G's

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