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Nordberg SW 348 Mobile Screener

Manufacturer: HIMOBO

Scale: 1:50

Here is the hard ti find HIMOBO mobile screener trailer. Its size

is shown beside that construction worker

The detail on this model is incredible and its crazy to think its hand

built! Here's a pic of the screener in with its conveyors pulled up

Close up pic of the folding conveyor and its lifting hydrolic

The rear conveyor comes down which puts it at a 90 degres

angle and flushes up the rear bumper

Rear conveyor in its working postition

Rear view looking down the conveyor belt itself

View down main conveyor from the top deck

Stair detail and pic to show rear drop basin to guide material onto


Close up of the rear bumper bar even small details like

a dab of orange paint added between the red for a turn signal

astonishes me

Here's a shot to show the canvas conveyor and the underneath


Under view to show the soft rubber tires and leaf springs

Folds up in seconds and can be hauled away by any tractor

This is a great model, the price is pretty steep but its crazy to think

 this was hand built... Although ithis is a very rare model thats getting harder

 to find each day i highly recommened it to any serious collector

Looks awesome don't it!

Here's the screener busy at work sorting rock from sand faster than the

 loader can fill it








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