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KOMATSU PC1100LC-6 excavator

Manufacturer: JOAL

Scale: 1:50

Here is the enormous Komatsu PC1100LC excavator from JOAL,

you can get an idea of just how big this thing is with

that man standing below the cab there

The operators cab is quite detailed as you can see here

featuring everthing like the real machine, joystcks, pedals,levers

METAL linked tracks!

Here's a view from the front of the beast

Operators side view

Rear view

And the right side view

The boom even had added hydraulic lines leading from the

hydraulics to the carbody

Walkways with railings on both sides of the biggie

Of course full 360 degree rotation capability

The boom stick contains dual hydraulics for maxiumum strength

The huge 5 toothed  bucket is deatailed with a ribbed underbody

and extra wear guards on the bucket sides

This thing has on heck of a deep digging depth ability

as this picture clearly shows

This is an AWESOME model from JOAL and should be a part of any

collectors collection! The detail on this excavator is unlike most

JOAL models and is almost identical to the real machine

Here's a good shot of the PC1100LC-6 in action loading up

haul truck after haul truck at this highway project

Here's a second view of one of the KOMATSU's hard at work

loading up that 769D


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