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PROJECT #4 QWC water treatment plant heavy lifts

Est.Cost: T.B.D.

ETA: 21 days


Here is the QWC county water treatment plant. Under new fedral

emission regulations and energy conservation laws the plant is

being required to add a new exhaust filtering and limiting

system as well as a energy recycling power generator.

The new exhaust filtering system (left) and the energy recycling

generator (right) were brought in in pieces and esembled by

AMCO power systems

Lifting of the power systems is to be headed by two companies,

MAMMOET and SCHOLPP due to weight of the new equipment

the bid was cheaper using both companies rather than

one heading the entire project

The crane to be used for the lift will be a Manitowoc 18000.

While MAMMOET did most of the haulage of crane parts into the

plant SCHOLPP did most of the cranes essembly. Some equipment,

such as a hydraulic boom lift was rented from "ALL" equipment

rentals to assist in the project

Here is a shot of some of the Manitowoc's many rear counter

weights being lifted into place

MAMMOET had fourteen rigs running back and fourth bringing

in crane parts to keep the cranes essembly moving fast

Here's a pic of the SCHOLPP AC200 lowering in a piece of the

18000's boom sections

After all the counter weights had been placed and all the boom

sections were attached the fun process of cabling and rigging

up the crane began

The last of the MAMMOET trucks to pull in brought in the

 Manitowoc's huge hook block

Once all rigged up with the hook block the crane

was ready for heavy lifting action

The first lift was to be the biggest and the heaviest, the

exhaust filtering system module

The module was chained up and rigged to the crane's hook block

As the 18000 began lifting the huge heavy system module with

eaze you could hear the strain on the thick chains as they

tensioned to there max

The crane lifted and lifted as it turned towards its target

above the main treatment plant

More lifting...

Here's a good shot of the 100+ ton exhaust filtering system

high above the ground right before being lowered onto the plant

As the Manitowoc lowered the system a worker pulled on the

hanging guide rope to get it exactly into position

Slow and steady into place it's guided

And we have touchdown! The new exhaust filtering system was

placed right on target above the treatment plant

The chains were removed from the system and a sigh of relief

could be taken from all the crew as their most difficult

lift was now out of the way...

The next day the second lift was ready to take place

The chains were lowered over the new energy recycling generator

for rigging

Still being incredibly heavy, the generator wasn't quite as heavy

and didn't have to be lifted as high, as the filtering system so

the chain rigging didn't have to be as much as before

Once all chained up the 18000 went to work

The new generator was to be placed over the power house roof top

Up and up went the generator went as the crane lifted and turned

 it towards its target

Just like before, the generator had a hanging guide rope so a

worker on the roof top pull on one side and helped guide the

piece into its exact location

Perfect. Another perfect lift and touch down completed

Crews detached the chains from the generator and shook hands

for two jobs done well, completed with eaze and quickness

Now that the lifts were complete the clean up and removal

process had to begin

The huge Manitowoc 18000 lowered its boom to prepare for

its dis-assembly

Another lowering shot

...and another

...and one more as it hit ground

As the MAMMOET trucks began arriving crews went to work with the

AC200 and a hydraulic lift to dismantel the 18000 piece by piece

Here's a shot of one of the boom sections being lowered onto

one of the MAMMOET lowboys

While the trucks rolled in and were loaded others rolled out

just as fast, like this one here with another section of the 18000

Here's a pic of the AC200 removing some of the many counter

weights lining the back of the crane

Even the operators cab was detached and hauled away

More loading of counter weights...

Finally all the Manitowoc 18000 was hauled off site and only

a few pieces of equipment remained

The SCHOLPP crews packed up the last of their remains and

headed off to their next job site

MAMMOET followed shortly behind and loaded up whatever they

had left behind and headed back to the equipment yard

"ALL" equipment rentals came that same day and picked up their

hydraulic boom lift

Once MAMMOET and SCHOLPP were completly off site and their

job was done the installation crews brought in their equipment

needed to hook up the new filtering system and recycling generator

The heavy lift of both new systems was a complete success and

was finished right on schedule thanks to both MAMMOET and SCHOLPP.

Over the next few weeks the systems were hooked up and put into

service by the installation crews (shown here above) and the

plant was up and running meeting all new fedral laws, avoiding

series penalty charges


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