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Putzmeister MACK 36z pumper truck

Manufacturer: CONRAD

Scale: 1:50

This is the Putzmeister MACK 36z concrete pump truck model, you

can see how big it is by its owner beside the truck

The drivers cab has the large center engine hump and dual seats

with drivers steering wheel

Front steering wheels and truck details like chrome mirriors and

overhead air horns

The rear has the concrete inlet box where the concrete is poured in

and pumped up the boom. You can also see the railing detail and

brake lights here

Heres a side view of the pump truck all folded up in travel mode

The 36z features four large functional outriggers

The front two outriggers slide out and screw down, the rear two fold

out and then screw down

The pump boom unfolds just like the real thing

The concrete is pumped through a large pipe that runs from

the inlet basin all the way to the end of the boom

The boom is very versitile and can be put into almost any postion

Here's a pic of the concrete pump trucks pump boom fully

extended upright

Fully erected straight-up teh pumps boom reaches 31 inches

The boom consists of four sections and a rubber drop house at the end

The boom can be angled many different ways, it can also rotate

a complete 360 degrees

Here's a pic of the 36z having concrete poured into its drop basin...

...and pumping it up to create a new bridge.



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