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KENWORTH W900 w/ flatbed trailer

Manufacturer: TONKIN

Scale: 1:53

Here is TONKIN's unbelievable KENWORTH W900... It's in

1:53 scale but with that 1:50 scale man there you can

see they are alomost identical and work great together

Details, details, details, there are too many to list I'll just

let this picture speak for itself!

The front axle steers the two front wheels

Both driver and passenger doors open

Engine hood opens exposing the massive detailed diesel engine

Here's a front view with realistic headlights and turn signals

Drivers side view with flatbed trailer

Rear trailer view with reflective marking strips

Right side view with continued details

Beautiful tractor with tilting fifth wheel and shown here

with added on headach rack with removable chains

Without the headach rack attached you can see how this truck

is almost identical to the real thing even having the air lines

and reverse lights on the cab and KENWORTH logos on the

lower mud flaps, as well as realistic break lights

The flatbed trailers landing gear can be brought down or up

Artificial wood planking adds even more detail along with the

side fasten hooks and strap tighteners

The trailer is even equipped with air and electrical lines running the

entire length of the trailer and having air tanks in the right places

Here's a second close-up of the trailers underneath showing

the airlines and even air tanks and break chambers

This is a great model at a unbeliveable price considering

all that you get I highly recommened it to anyone looking

for a truck like this, its not 1:50 scale but works great in

any 1:50 scale setup... also available in a lowboy version

Here's a great shot of a fleet of KENWORTH W900's hauling

in crane sections to this construction site where they're

putting together a LIEBHERR HS 881



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