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"RLF heavy haulage & rigging" mack Granite w/ lowboy

Manufacturer: First Gear

Scale: 1:50

Here is the INSANE new MACK Granite lowboy released by First Gear!

You can get an idea of this trucks size by using that man as a scaler

The details on this truck are amazing... here's a side view of the entire truck

Front view- realistic headlights & even the Mack dog hood ornament

Rubber wheels, front axle steers

Rear features "WIDE LOAD" sign w/ beacons, dot reflective striping,

yellow turn signals, and even the Talbert logo on the mud-flaps

Lowboy is detachable from tractor

Highly detailed Mack Granite tractor in "RLF heavy haulage & rigging" livery

Decaled nicely with the "RLF" logoing as well as dot numbers

Doors open to show off life-like cab interior

The hood pulls forward to expose detailed engine consisting of evrything

from the air intake down to headers and massive radiator fan up front 

Behind the cab is a large headach rack along w/ the elec. cord & air hoses

The lowboy is a 3 axle Talbert trailer

Features afully functional gooseneck w/ hydraulic lines & everything

Gooseneck detached from deck

Gooseneck is detached by pushing in on spring loaded locking pin located

in the center

Deck has working folding ramps

Close-up of hydraulic lines and deck attached

The Talbert also features outriggers along the side for larger loads

( in normal mode above )

Overhead shot with outriggers swung out

Plastic wood planks are provided to place on outriggers

Front shot

Front shot w/ provided clip-on "WIDE LOAD" sign

Comparison shot to the Norscot W900

This Mack granit lowboy from First Gear is the first highly detailed affortable

lowboy in 1/50 scale at the moment and is only being made in limited

 numbers... The model is AWESOME and comes in 4 different versions

 at the moment; RLF,IOWA,HWY DEPT., and Komatsu so get your hands

on one if you can these are a must have for all collectors!!

Here's a shot of the RLF Mack rig hauling a CAT D6T dozer

Another pic of the RLF hauler loaded up  

Here's a pic of the RLF Mack cruising down the highway with a CAT

963D track loader


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