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Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:55

Here is a photo to give you an idea of this cranes size

View of the operators cab with seat and steering wheel

4 fully functional pull out - screw down outriggers

Rear viewclose up of radiator and undercarriage detail

Both axles steer and contain large rubber tires

Pic of the operating pully system with handles

Swing over extention boom in the non-use position

Photo of cranes 4 piece boom fully extended

Fully extended boom reaches about 29.5 inchesn high

Pic of boom fully extended with swing over extention in place

With the boom fully extended and the boom extention in

place crane reaches nearly 41 inches high!

Extention piece can also be angled down

Pic 2 to show extention boom angled and all the way out

The angle can be adjusted by putting in that shovel looking pin

Besides a few unpainted rivits this is an awesome model crane

 and is a great addition to any collection!

Here's the RT 870C in action putting in place that large

trench plate for safety in this deep sewer replacement project




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