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TRAIL KING scraper lowloader trailer

Manufacturer: Alan Smith

Scale: 1:48

This here is the custom Train King scraper trailer kit from Alan Smith.

The kit is molded and created out of white metal my Alan and comes in

pieces like shown above

Here is a shot of the kit after I got it all together and painted. You can get

an idea of the trailers size with that man beside it

The kit includes rubber tires as well as decals

Here's a shot of the trailer with a 631E scraper loaded up on it

The scarper acts as the bridge between the two trailer sections to create one

In real life the scraper is drove up onto the first trailer section and since

all the weight is located on the front the scraper can lower its bowl

completly which in return lifts the rear wheels off the ground, enabling

the second section of the scraper trailer to be pushed or winched in,

and then the scraper re-raises its bowl making it ready for transport

The scraper loaded up ready for transport

This is a great kit and although it does take a little time to assemble and

paint it worth teh satisfaction at the end

One more shot of the 631E loaded up the trail king

Here's a different smaller scraper loaded up on the set 

The Kenworth T800 tractor is another Smith model that I had built

to go along with the scraper trailer

...And although unrealistic in most states due to weight here's a large

657G loaded up

The Trail King scraper trailer is a great little build that I'm glad to have

finished and up on display... Here's on last shot of it, this time attached to

a Pete 379 tractor to show it can work with almost any truck

Here's a shot of the scraper trailer in action out on the highway


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