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SKY TRAK 10054 telescopic material handler

Manufacturer: SKY TRAK International Inc.

Scale: 1:35

Here is a very hard to find unique model, the SKY TRAK 10054

There were only 5000 of these models made and each comes

serial numbered at the bottom

The cab is extremely detailed with every knob, button,

lever,guage, lift specification, warning decal, and peddle intact

Here's another view of the cab details from the opposite side

Features 4 wheel steering

Front hydraulic steering and hydraulic leveling cylinders

Rear leveling hydraulic and bottom steer axle

Here's a shot to show the front and rear independent suspension

and how they work to keep the load level at all times

View of the operators side

Rear view

Right side view

Front view, notice the small added details such as the

"Danger" decal on the boom front

Working front hydraulic lift stabilizers

Close-up of the booms lift hydraulics, also the detailed

life like warning decals behind the cab and tire

Boom features angle compass

Letters on first boom determing booms height

Front forks can be tilted back...

...or dumped forward

Forks can be slide close together...

...or far apart

Forkilift features a full-on 4 stage boom for some HIGH lifting

Reaches a height of almost 20 inches

Here's a good pic of the SKY TRAK in action lifting

some large wooden beams to the roof top of this

 renovation building


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