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SOILMEC SR-70 drilling rig

Manufacturer: soilmec

Scale: 1:50

Here is the AWESOME SOILMEC SR-70 drill rig indroduced by the soilmec

company! you can get an idea of this 75 ton machines size by comparing

it to that full sized man beside it

The cab is nicely detailed and features front and overhead cab guards

Metal linked tracks!

View from the front

View from the side

Shot of the rear

Shot of the right side

Model has two drum winches, one for the drill head and one for the crane hook

Overview photo

The Sr-70 is highly detailed with hydraulic lines running up the mast and into

into the rotorary head

For the boom hoist a hole is given for a winch key

A key is provided to help turn the drum, the other drum for the crane

hook is turned by using your finger

The mast has a large hydraulic cylinder for raising and lowering the

rotarary head spinner

Close-up of the nicely detailed toothed cutting head

Model has quite a deep drilling capability

Another awesome thing about this model unlike its fellow soilmec models

before it is the working crane hook!

The crane hook can be used for a lot of things like changing cutting heads on

the drill or do things like insert steel beams into freshly drilled holes

like being shown here

The models metal tracks are extendable for stability...

..But then can be retracted for transport

View from below of the hydraulic retractable tracks

Here's a close-up of the rotarary spinner as well as another angle of the

cool cutting head

The details don't end on this baby from the painted rivit heads up to the

hydraulic lines that continue to the top of the mast

The hydraulic lines arn't just glued and stuffed under the boom they actually

lead into the housing like the real machine

A couple of plastic hydraulic covers are provided to keep the boom mast

upright and prevent overtime slippage if planning on being displayed

Not only do the model tracks retract for transport...

...the boom also breaks down and folds up!

The bottom of the mast folds down

And the top folds over to the side making teh model much smaller in size

and therefore much easier to transport

Although diffucult to find and possibly being a limited numbers (?) this model

is quite expensive but you get all that you pay for the details are amazing

making this the best or at least one of the best drilling / foundation

 models available at the moment

Comparison shot of the SR-70 next to the Bauer BG 24H

And another comparison pic

Here's a shot of the SR-70 loaded up on a lowboy and being transported

to a large hotel/casino building project site to start drilling

Another shot of the awesome soilmec rig as it passes by

Here's a photo of the SR-70 in action assisting in the drilling

 for the foundation of a new building


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