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DRESSER TD-40B dozer

Manufacturer: Classic Construction Models

Scale: 1:48

This is the limited Dresser TD-40B by CCM look at the

size of this beauty next to that man waving

The cab inside as an operators seat which is surrounded

by different levers and controls

Excellent metal tracks that crawl very smooth and easily

The detailed front view

Huge ripping blades take up the models rear

Here's a picture of the right side which shows the time and

care taken into this model, notice how all the rivits are

touched up with paint and the lights are painted so crisp

The blades are completly functional, they lift/lower and tilt

forward or backward, there is even hydraulic lines running

to each of the hydraulics

The roof is equipped with a fan unit for the operators cab

The front blade can be lifted, and lifted high

Or the blade can be brought down low to tear into the earth

Hydraulic lines are also included on the front hydraulics

This is a great great model done by CCM and during Hurricane

Katrina CCM stepped up and did a very thoughtful thing offering

60 of these extremely limited models for sale and sending 100%

of the earnings to the hurricane victoms I was lucky enough to be one

 of those 60 here is the serial numbered card they sent with the model

After just being assembled and the DRESSER factory this

dozer heads off to its new owner

Here's an in action shot of the TD-40B tearing away at this

rocky hillside as if there's nothing in front of it at all



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