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TEREX backhoe loader

Manufacturer: SIKU

Scale: 1:50

Here is a surprisingly good model from SIKU, it's there TEREX

backhoe loader, you can get an idea of its size with that man there

The cab is quite detailed with controls and levers, even air vents

Here's a front view

Left side view, notice all the decals and warning labels

The rear (boom is stationary, doesn't slide from side to side)

And the right side

Pic of the front toothed bucket (it doesn't open like a clam shell

bucket even though it looks like it)

The rear stabilizers lift and lower

Mirriors and overhead beacons are on both sides of the cab

The mirrors slide back for the operator when he's using the hoe

portion of the machine

Shot to show the backhoes maxiumum digging depth

Looks pretty goood strapped on for a truck load... This is actually

a really good model from SIKU and is made with more diecast

than plastic which is unusal and a big improvement for them, at

a price of only $13-$15 this is not a bad model at all!

Here's a shot of the TEREX backhoe in action doing some

road side work



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