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Peterbilt 379 w/ XL tri-axle lowboy "TURNPIKE AUTHORITY"

Manufacturer: TONKIN

Scale: 1:53

Here is the TURNPIKE AUTHORITY Peterbilt 379 from Tonkin, at

not quite 1:50 scale you can still get a good idea of the

trucks size with that man stepping out of the cab there

The inside like all Tonkin models is detailed beyond detailed, from

the two-tone seats down to the labeled instrument cluster gauges

Here's a front view of the rig with its life-like head lights

and big chrome bumper

Drivers side view, shows off the tractors long stacks and extended

body frame, along with the XL lowboy trailer

Rear view, DOT reflective stripping on the and around the trailer

Right side pic


The hood pops open and the incrediably detailed diesel

 engine can be exposed

The front wheels turn

The doors open

 "TURNPIKE AUTHORITY" markings on both sides

Includes headache rack with chains and hooks

Even the mud flaps have "TURNPIKE AUTHORTY" branded on them

...Same wit the lowboy gooseneck

The gooseneck can be detached

the only real downfall of this whole model in my eyes is that the

lowboy doesn't feature real lift hydraulics but rather a underbody

turning locking piece (like shown here)

The ramps fold down

Side rails pop out for those large loads

The brake lines run all the way from the tractor, to the

gooseneck, and all the way back to the lowboy

brake chambers

The rear of teh lowboy has everything from the brake lights,

to the diamond plating, to the DOT stripping, and even

the branded "TURNPIKE AUTHORITY" mud flaps

With only 108 produced this is an awesome model, like all Tonkin

models, and I feel very honered to be one of the very few to have one.



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