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VOLVO BL71 backhoe loader

Manufacturer: MOTORART

Scale: 1:50

Large in size this construction worker stands next to the backhoe to prove it

EXTREMELY detailed the inside of this models cab features; steering wheel with knob,

seat w/ armrests, realistic boom and stabilizer levers, as well as gear shifter

Showing off the rear of the detailed cab along with the side shift backhoe boom

(although looks like an extendable boom actually is not) and push down stabilizers. This model

even features realistic top spot lights and rear windshield wiper

Picturing the working boom lock

Besides the fragility of this model the qaulity and details are overwhelming... this photo

shows the backhoes rubber tires, front wiper, spot lights, and even safety boom lock... not to

mention the red strobe light and cab mirriors

Front flip down forks

Front teethed grapple bucket with forks folded back

Placed on flatbed leaving dealer and heading off to its new proud owner

With only a few scoops this BL71 loads the Sterling dump truck keeping construction

 moving fast and effectivly at the job site



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