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VOLVO G970 grader

Manufacturer: MOTORART

Scale: 1:50

Here is MOTORART's VOLVO G970 grader. This is Volvo's larger sized grader

and you can get an idea of that as that man walks by the machine

One thing Motorart is good at on their model is cab details and this model

isn't left out, the interior is quite detailed as you can see

Front view

Side view, as you can see its just slightly longer than the G740B model

Rear view (unlike some of the motorart model this models rear does NOT

open to acess the raditor fan and engine detail)

View of the right side

The blade is completly functional and versitile just like the real thing;

it lowers and digs into the ground...

...it raises...

...it tilts up and back...

...it tilts down and forward...

...it can rotate a full 360 degrees...

...it can slide to one side....

...or it can slide way out to the other side...

...it can even tilt out for grading slopes and other angles!

Great hydraulic line details

Overhead work lights and side mirriors on the cab along with wiper blades

Overhead warning beacon, solid rear handrails, air filter, and large exhaust stack

Features hydraulic articulated steering

Also has hydrauilic steering on the front two wheels

Fully working rear suspension system

Front axle also has working suspension system to keep that blade

 level at all times

This is a nicely done model from Motorart with lots of details and a crisp

paint job making this model great for any roadway diorama or even truck

load for lowboys such as the Peterbilt rogers like above=)

Here's a pic of the G970 in action grading and leveling out the land were

a new road will soon be paved


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