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VOLVO L90E wheel loader w/ tools

Manufacturer: MOTORART

Scale: 1:50

Here is the VOLVO L90E wheel loader from MOTORART. You can get an

idea of this loaders size with that construction worker next to it

The interior is nicely detailed with levers, buttons, steering wheel, etc.

Front view, with large front windsheild equipped with wipers, overhead work

lights as welll as lower work lights, mirriors, and even the VOLVO window decal

The side view showing bucket fully raised. You can see all the ladder and

handrail detail, warning decals on boom, and the overhead warning beacon

Rear view, shows rear work lights, overhead beacon light, brake lights,

and even a towing pin

View of the right side

Articulated steering-even has the front wheels drive shaft in place

Features a front quick hitch attachment coupler

Comes with 4 tools; standard bucket, grappler, forks, and lift boom

The working log grapple

The forks

The lift boom

And the toothed bucket

This is a pretty nicely done detailed model from Motorart, and as you can see

here looks good even as just a load for a lowboy if not being put to action in the dio

Here's a good shot of the L90E hard at work moving pipe segments around at

this large sewer line project

The L90E loading up a sterling dump truck with fill dirt at this pipe

 rehabilitation project



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