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VOLVO NH12 w/ lowboy & EC210 excavator load

Manufacturer: MOTORART

Scale: 1:50

Here is the MOTORART VOLVO NH12 with lowboy and EC210 excavator load.

You can get an idea of this trucks size with its driver waving next to it

The tractor is detailed with mirriors and realistic headlights

The hood tilts forward and reveals the detailed Volvo diesel engine

Front wheels are steerable

Both the driver and passenger doors open

The interior is pretty detailed with everything in place

Rear view of the tractor with tilting fifth wheel and realistic tail lights

NH12 with lowboy attached

Side view

Rear view, with realistic tail lights

Loaded up with the included Volvo EC210 excavator

The gooseneck does not detach like on most lowboys so the loading and

unloading takes place on the rear of the trailer

Here's a shot of the NH12 passing by on the street hauling the EC210 to a

job site on the East side of town


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