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VOLVO ABG7820 tracked paver

Manufacturer: MOTORART

Scale: 1:50

Since Volvo just announced their line of paving equipment Motorart

created this model of the new ABG7820 to compliment the real machine.

You can get an idea of this models size by using that man beside it as a scaler

Side view

Front view

View of the opposite side

Rear view

The front hopper bins wall open out wide to make room for dump trucks

Hopper walls tilt and close in to slide asphalt onto conveyor

Rubber conveyor system

The pavers spreader raises...

...and lowers

Rear view with paver lowered

Pavers spreader extends out on both sides

Under view to show auger system

Rubber tracks

View inside the operators work area

Both operators seats extend outward for easier operator viewing

Here's a shot of the ABG7820 being loaded up with asphalt by a Mack truck

Shot of the paver cruising down the highway on a tri-axle lowboy

Here's a pic of the Volvo tracked paver in action laying down a fresh

new layer of hot asphalt


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